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09:00 - 27 Apr 18:00 BSidesMunich

Die it.sec ist dieses Jahr zum ersten Mal Sponsor der BSidesMunich, welche vom 26.-27. April in München stattfindet.


  • Workshops, 26.02.2020: Cyres-Consulting, Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 6, 80807 München
  • Konferenz, 27.02.2020: Hilton Munich Park: Am Tucherpark 7, 80538 München

Über die BSidesMunich:

BSidesMunich ist die erste, unabhängig organisierte IT Security Veranstaltung im Raum München, die sowohl lokale als auch international anerkannte Experten zusammenbringt. Die Veranstaltungen der Security BSides werden weltweit ausgerichtet und sind von der Gemeinschaft getragene Konferenzen, die Teilnahme ist daher kostenlos. Interessierte können sich registrieren unter https://2020.bsidesmunich.org/registration/



09:00 - 17 Mai 18:00 BerlinSides

Die it.sec ist Sponsor der BerlinSides, eine Veranstaltung von Hackern für Hacker, welche vom 15.-17. Mai 2020 stattfindet.

Das diesjährige Motto lautet: “Einstein, stop telling God what to do!” …the Bohr Edition



Am Karlsbad 11

10785 Berlin

Über BerlinSides:

BerlinSides started ten years ago as an event coming from theSecurityBSides (http://www.securitybsides.com) framework, accompanyingthe 27c3 congress. It already had high class speakers and was run, like most BSides events, as asmall off-site venue with a more diverse and intimate program.The first event was frequented by 170 attendees.The second BerlinSides was held in a bigger venue and included the biggest social event of the 28c3congress, a dance club experience with more than 500 guests.Liberating itself from being a BSides event, the third BerlinSides became the official follow-up to thelegendary PH-Neutral conferences and moved from the December time-slot into May, where PHNeutralwas usually held. Many of the PH-Neutral attendees returned and where augmented by a newcrop of BerlinSides attendees cultivated during the first two events. However, the limit of 512 peoplewas still enforced, since it represents an important aspect to the security community.